2012 B-Boy Championship Finals. Who was the Chief Rocka?

It used to be my birthday (early October) which would signal to me that it was Autumn and roughly 2 months to go until Christmas, but it’s now the UK B-Boy Championship Finals. I’ve been going to this for over 10 years and love it more and more every year. I was lucky enough to go with my best mate, Moni B. Her name suggests she may be a B-Girl…she’s not! Admittedly, we are two middle class, west london, peppermint tea drinking, getting your 5-a-day kind of gals and the most unlikely looking B-boy enthusiasts, but nonetheless, the passion is there. Moni’s ongoing running commentary on the battles was classic and I wish I’d filmed her. But it’s understandable why I didn’t, because I was too busy watching the spectacle in front of me. But, maybe next year I will get a vox pop of Monster B!

I have a few things to discuss: the Russians, Crazy Legs, Olympics and body odour.

The Russians are coming…

We wished they were. Where were the Russians this year? I look forward to watching them every year. There is a fierceness about their battles, and I don’t mean fierce in the ‘gay’ sense, but in energy, aggression and power. Those boys, and I’m sure girls, are big, strong and fearless! The Koreans and the Japanese are tumblers, acrobatic  and joyful to watch. Don’t get me wrong, I love them too, but the Russians…ahhh, those Russians! I hope they are back with a vengeance next year.  2011 seemed to have more crowd-pleasing battles, with people continuously jumping out of their seats in sheer bewilderment and energetic recognition of what they were viewing. 2011 seemed more creative, more challenging and just plain better. I thought the US were pretty poor. This is the B-Boy championship finals and you expect to see synced, slick routines with b-boys and girls not putting a foot wrong. But I saw plenty of United States of America fuck ups (sorry mum and dad!) But I did! The UK’s Soul Mavericks made it to the finals against Korea’s Jinjo…but to be fair, Souls got there simply because they faced the rubbish Yanks in the semis. The ridiculous decision to put the Koreans and the Japanese in the semi’s meant the Brits got lucky. But the luck ran out when they met a crew infinitely more skilled, more challenging and more entertaining. jinjo proved to have more soul and pull out the maverick moves. To quote the original rude boy, Mr S…’What’s in a name?’

Crazy Legs

I got the impression the hosts, Afrika Islam and Crazy Legs, felt the same way about the 2012 finals. Crazy seemed bored at times, but then he has been doing this for over 15 years and he has to endure the same jokes from Islam. That said, Crazy knows when to step in and at times even stop battles. 2012 wasn’t without controversy. There was a new event, called the individual hip hop freestyler. I don’t know who was DJing for this segment but they were blatantly playing tracks which cried out for popping from it’s dancers. Crazy stopped the battle and had a stern word with the DJ, who was either playing for himself or was just a bit rubbish. During the same battle the music just cut out. Unacceptable. These guys, like Olympians, train bloody hard for these moments. All the DJ had to do was spin a record…

Final word about Crazy – fit. His guns give Nadal a run for his money. Boys – if you want to get the girls, work out! Perlease! Being in your 30s and 40s is not an excuse to let it go… And, that is from Moni too…


This year I watched the dressage. How can dancing horses be in the Olympics and B Boys aren’t? This has to be an olympic sport, no?  To breakdance you have to be unbelievably fit, flexible, strong, hard working, creative and a performer. Neon Fuel would love to know your thoughts on this.

Body Odour

You’re packed into a public arena and sitting closely next to people for about 6 hours, so you know you are likely to sweat. Wash and apply deodorant. This should be on the ticket. Moni and I moved several times to distance ourselves from smells… Unfortunately, Moni moved with me.  Boom boom!

Final Word

I didn’t mean to come across all negative, it really is a great event. Go watch the B Boys next year. For £30 you get 6 hours of entertainment, crazy hip hop and jaw dropping glimpses of toned flesh! What else could you want on a Sunday night?!

The B-boy championships are held every year in October. http://bboychampionships.com/

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