Neon Fuel is lucky to have some great professionals working on events. Here’s a little bit about them:-

Urban Bodywork

For the New York vs London masterclass Neon Fuel has teamed up with Urban Bodyworks to offer a holistic experience to the weekend course.

Read about Neon Fuel’s fav healthy hedonist, Vicky and Urban Bodywork

The Chop House

The Chop House is a successful edit house set up in 2006 by its MD, Andy Phillips. Andy has built a solid relationship with numerous directors, production companies and advertising agencies, with a showreel spanning films, television and award winning commercials for various clients including Nike, Volvo and the BBC. Check out Andy’s handy work with Neon Fuel.

The Shop

The Shop is primarily a cocktail bar and secondly a north west London hot spot.

On 28th February 2013, The Shop and Neon Fuel are working together to create the first Neon Fuel cocktail. Go to our UK events section to read all about it, unless you’re reading this after the date of the event, in which case, you are better off going to the gallery and seeing the photographic evidence of the night…

Philippa Gedge of PGP

Philippa is a London based photographer specialising in portraits, events, PR and weddings. Some of her clients include The Sunday Times, The Economist, Private Eye, Arts Council England, National Geographic and UBS. Celebrity portraits include Mick Jones of The Clash, James Purefoy, Ian Hislop and Zandra Rhodes. Mixing travel with photography is a career opportunity Philippa is happy to exploit, for instance, shooting in Berlin for Neon Fuel, New Zealand, Arizona US to name but a few.

Like many of the specialists with Neon Fuel, Philippa wasn’t always a working photographer.    Whilst studying for a BA in Graphic & Media Design at the University of the Arts in London it was here that Philippa was taught the skill of composition and introduced her to the medium of film, and it was this foundation that she drew on, and with fond memories of the enthusiasm of the dark room, she embarked on her career behind the camera. Like Thalia, she can’t imagine doing anything else and feels very lucky to be making a living from the thing she loves. What better way to pass on this passion than to teach it to people who are equally as excited about the subject as she is. Neon Fuel is delighted to have Philippa on board and running future photographic courses.



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