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Copenhagen 2013

Berlin 2012

Berlin 2012

Neon Fuel worked about 20 members to the point of exhaustion! We danced to Pink, Q-Tip, Alicia Keys and Rihanna. Big thanks to Joel X and Jazz for mixing the tracks.

[img src=]11120Thal demonstrating a crab like position!
[img src=]10000Thal explaining a move
[img src=]9050Turn to fall to the floor
[img src=]8610Duha and Rachel laughing
[img src=]8200Rads about to turn
[img src=]8010Well deserved dance break in our own courtyard
[img src=]7820Hannah flexing her foot.
[img src=]7950Thal body rolling
[img src=]7710Freestyle to Rihanna
[img src=]7700Step forward with hands to head
[img src=]7620Arms up in a strong pose
[img src=]7560Ayhan lunging with arms in the air
[img src=]7360Crouching down on the floor
[img src=]7280Rads doing the crab(ish) pose
[img src=]7210Urchana
[img src=]7120Claire extending to the right
[img src=]7110
[img src=]7060
[img src=]7020
[img src=]6940
[img src=]6890
[img src=]6840
[img src=]6790
[img src=]6710
[img src=]6620
[img src=]6630
[img src=]6560
[img src=]6480
[img src=]6450
[img src=]6420
[img src=]6450
[img src=]6420
[img src=]6430
[img src=]6410
[img src=]6410
[img src=]6360
[img src=]6380
[img src=]6390
[img src=]6310
[img src=]6350
[img src=]6280
[img src=]6270
[img src=]6300
[img src=]6250
[img src=]6170
[img src=]6230

Ibiza 2011

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