UK classes

Dance to the Beat and Help Beat Breast Cancer 2013

A 2 hour fundraiser in aid of Breakthrough Breast Cancer. We had 60 people taking part. Thanks to all those that took part and donated.

London 2012

A selection of pictures taken from various Neon Fuel classes in London.


Private Lessons


Private Lessons

[img src=]14690Caroling and Thalia dropping down
[img src=]13520Sliding forward
[img src=]12380Warming up
[img src=]11480Head move
[img src=]11050Sliding across the floor
[img src=]10670Thal and Carolina laughing during their private session
[img src=]10330Reaching arms up to the air.
[img src=]10030Carolina perfecting her sassy strut
[img src=]9870Arching back and rolling
[img src=]9610
[img src=]9510Looking over the shoulder
[img src=]9390Reaching/lunging to the side
[img src=]9300Thalia and Carolina preparing to do floor work.
[img src=]9350Thal demonstrating a slide along the floor.
[img src=]9190Balancing on one hand.
[img src=]9090Carolina in action, sliding forward
[img src=]8900Intense stare forward

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