I heart Ibiza and comfy chairs

After 5 days in Ibiza, playing and working, I was sad to leave, but happy to come home. This was a very special trip. I chilled with my friend, Nousha, in her new home in Ibiza and I was also there to review Es Vive for my first article for West London Living magazine. Oh and I looked at a studio in B Fit for future Neon Fuel events. All in all a busy 5 days.

You can read all about Es Vive when my piece is published in a week or two.

Every year, I go back to Ibiza and every year I see tangible changes and also notable changes in the vibe. The airport is bigger and grander, the shopping is significantly better and increasingly catering for high end consumers, highlighting how much money is on the island, and the way people party has changed. When I first came to Ibiza, you would party on the beach until midnight, go back to your hotel or villa shower and change and then head to the clubs around 2 or 3am. Base bar used to be the place where everyone would meet for a post shower, pre club drink. Now you have the likes of Ushuaia, Sands and Blue Marlin dictating a glam all day/night, beach/clubbing experience. This is a welcome change. Maybe it’s because we are all a little older and need to sit down a bit more frequently. The thought of going to Bora Bora is quite repulsive for the obvious reason that it is chav-ville, young and grubby. In my 20′s it was fun, but now it is repugnant. So, I for one, love how Evissa has matured and evolved. If only I would! Forever young, me…

My top ‘must see’ things in Ibiza:

Es Stanyol beach – hidden away and you need a car to get to it. I’m sorry, but I have no idea where on the island this is!!!

Sansara is a cheap version of KM5. Similar feel in terms of layout but more relaxed and not quite as plush. But the food is decent for the price and they have live bands which are surprisingly good. This has a slight hippy feel which is a pleasant change from ‘the big fish little fish’ of somewhere like Playa D’en Bossa! Book, as this joint gets packed out. Ctra. San Carlos, Km.9., 07840 Santa Eulalia

You must indulge in a little shopping at La Cueva De Miro – a treasure chest of vintage delights. http://www.lacuevademiro.com/ I nearly spent a fortune on real orchid earrings, instead, I treated Nousha to a fab meal in the Old Town, with perhaps a little too much wine! Money well spent.

If you have a non party night then take a leisurely walk through the old town followed by a visit to the newly refurbished Museum of Contemporary Art. Yes, there is culture on the island.

Avoid the port for food. You are in a tourist trap here. Not great food at high prices. Explore a little and go where the locals are. Not exactly a revolution in terms of tips but still worth mentioning.

Naughty Stories

You may have read that I am collating a number of stories people have kindly (and perhaps foolishly) allowed me to write up for a piece I am writing. My Ibiza trip has just trumped any stories you guys have volunteered! Keep your eyes peeled for the ‘naughty’ blog!

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