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Neon Fuel: Healthy Hedonists

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Every House member Thalia is a choreographer, dance teacher and nutritionist. In 2008 Thalia launched Neon Fuel – a dance company with a (hedonistic) difference. We spent the day with her to find out more.

Tell us about your company Neon Fuel?

We’re all about health, fun and hedonism. It’s a concept that combines healthy activities, such as dance, with travel and partying, and also offers a meeting ground for like-minded professionals both in London and abroad.

Neon Fuel has street dance classes in London (group and private 1-1) which are a great space to let yourself go and release the tensions of your day. Our hip trips are an extension of our London classes, cultivating a vibe where healthy activity meets healthy hedonism in some of the world’s most exciting locations. Here you experience a dance master class as well as cool fiestas and glamorous parties.

What was the inspiration behind the company?

Neon Fuel is pretty much how I live my life. I like to look after myself but I still want to party hard now and again in beautiful surroundings with cool people. I’m sure I’m like many of my fellow Soho House members. One of my clients and a Soho House member mentioned in passing how she wished there were dance holidays in Ibiza for professional people who still like to go clubbing but do so in a more elegant way. I just so happened to be helping a friend moor his yacht in Ibiza and whilst I was there did a bit of research, made some vital contacts, found a dance studio…Neon Fuel was born. We’ve been to Ibiza, Berlin. Copenhagen, Marakech, Croatia, Paris and, of course, London.

Dance plays a big party of your business – tell us about your background in dance?

I’ve danced since the age of two. I hated ballet, musical theatre or anything which wasn’t free in movement. My style has always been street (before it was called that), hip hop and commercial jazz. Think Janet Jackson and Justin Timberlake and you have an idea of my style. My choreography is original, nothing too commercial. Neon Fuel is about individuality. I was, and still am, heavily influenced by music and in one class you could find yourself dancing to Donna Summer, Prince, EPMD, MAW and so on. I danced throughout university in clubs, music videos etc and then started choreographing for TV, film and private commissions and teaching dance when I moved to London. I much prefer working with non dancers as there is no ego, just a love of dance.

What’s your favourite dance to teach?

That’s a tough one – there are so many. I don’t copy choreography in my classes (unless someone specifically asks for a routine which has only happened once in 15 years of teaching.) Teaching dance to me is teaching original choreography. This allows you and the student to express their individually without being influenced externally.

Why is Neon Fuel for members only?

Exclusivity and energy is core to the concept of Neon Fuel. I work hard to create a vibe in my classes and holidays that can only be achieved by hand-picking people who will add to the experience. No egos are allowed – mine is enough. We only accept genuinely interesting, hip, people who will connect, have fun and form solid relationships. I focus the Neon Fuel experience around creative professionals, very similar to Soho House. This creates an exclusive environment with relationships that work.

What are you working on next?

I’ve just finished a very successful charity event in aid of Breakthrough Breast Cancer and am currently planning our next fundraising event for 2014. I’m also working on new choreography for our classes in London. Neon Fuel is off to New York in September so I’m sourcing cool locations to dance in and places to go for drinks, dinner etc. Soho House New York…watch out. Neon Fuel hosts pop up classes, the next one is in Paris so I’m focused on that too and we are also in the early planning stages of a Neon Fuel clothing line. 2013/14 is set to be a busy time!

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