The White Island.


My first blog entry… Can I start by saying I hope you find my ramblings entertaining and secondly, I can be a little lazy when I type, so please accept my apologies in advance for any bad grammar - that’s aimed at my old headmaster, Mr Gordon! Feels a bit weird writing about what I’m up to, but ‘ere we go!

So I’ve just booked to go out to Ibiza for the closing parties and to check out a new dance studio in Santa Eulalia called Banana Studios.  A founder member, Nousha, moved to Ibiza after she came out with Neon Fuel last year, so i’ll be staying with her and experiencing the Island with someone that now lives there. I suspect i will see a different side to the Island this time.  She loved the island so much that she now resides there and, as a result, Nousha has become Neon Fuel’s Ibiza representative. Being the IT consultant/boho queen that she is, Nousha is well equipped to keep Neon Fuel up to date with the coolest and tastiest happenings in Evissa.

The reason I love Ibiza is not just for the clubbing (although I get goose bumps every time I think about Pacha or Amnesia), but because it is like no other European Island I know. I can’t really pinpoint exactly what ‘it’ is about Ibiza, quite possibly a set of elements, some tangible, others not so much. But I know it’s a happy and open-minded island where music and relaxation are central to everyday life…pretty near to perfect for me!  Ibiza feels like a second home and I can’t think of a better place to host more Neon Fuel events. However, if you think you know of another Island or European city then email us and we’ll look into doing a Neon Fuel event there.

I’ll be sure to keep you all posted on what Nousha and I get up to in September…

Thal x



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