Where’s the spin…?

It has been an age since we last posted anything of interest on Neon Fuel Trends section. It’s about time we resurrected this page and told you about stuff we love.


Inspired by the continuous pictures of David Beckham et al., coming out of their Soul Cycle sessions looking sweaty and fit, our director, Thalia decided to try Flywheel at Shoreditch House.  Essentially, this is a spinning class. You can jazz it up with club-like lighting but it is what it is  And what it is is a high energy, sweat pouring, heart racing and endorphin releasing class and all to pumping old skool tunes. Thalia loved it! ‘I now understand how my clients feel when they first come to my dance classes,’ Thalia commented. ‘New classes are intimidating and my anxiety levels may have been a little raised. I didn’t know what to expect. I initially walked in with my trainers on and quickly realised that I needed ‘special’ shoes. Wearing shoes that others had trained in grossed me out initially but I soon got over it. My main concern was that the music would be rubbish and I would therefore hate every 45 minutes of it, but the music was great! The rest was up to me and I ripped it up! It has now become a weekly must for me.’

If you are not a member of Soho House then I would recommend trying a local spinning class. Like most classes it is all about the teacher and your experience of the class. With Neon Fuel dance classes members love the music and the vibe that has been created, but it might not be for everyone. Suck it and see, chaps!

Flywheel classes are at Shoreditch House Ebor St, London E1 6AW Tel: 020 7739 5040. Classes are only £5 for members only.

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